2019 Oakbrook Winter Simulator League

Week 1 Results
(Net Score by Player)

Team 1 Griffith(41)/ Orlandi(37)= 2 Points
Team 10 Revak(38)/Lepley(54)= 1 Point

Team 2 Thompson(36)/Snoeberger(37)= 2.5 Points
Team 9 Zezirich(36)/Bourdess(45)= 0.5 Points

Team 3 Ferchalk(38)/Mickolick(51)= 0 Points
Team 8 Steel(33)/Evans(46)= 3 Points

Team 4 Williams(41)/Wentz(51)= 0 Points
Team 7 Murray(38)/ Weakland(37)= 3 Points

Team 5 Sharbaugh/O’Reilly=
Team 6 Shrader/Ferenchik=


1T)Team 7 Murray/Weakland 3 Points
1T) Team 8 Steel/Evans 3 Points
3) Team 2 Thompson/Snoeberger 2.5 Points
4) Team 1 Griffith/Orlandi 2 Points
5) Team 10 Revak/Lepley 1 Point
6) Team 9 Zezirich/Bourdess 0.5 Point
7) Team 4 Williams/Wentz 0 Points
8) Team 3 Ferchalk/Mickolick 0 Points


Week 1Week 2 
Griffith/Orlandi vs Revak/LepleyGriffith/Orlandi vs Zezirich/Bourdess
Thompson/Snoeberger vs Zezirich/BourdessThompson/Snoeberger vs Steel/Evans
Ferchalk/Mickolick vs Steel/EvansFerchalk/Mickolick vs Murray/Weakland
Williams/Wentz vs Murray/WeaklandWilliams/Wentz vs Shrader/Ferenchik
Sharbaugh/O’Reilly vs Shrader/FerenchikSharbaugh/O’Reilly vs Revak/Lepley
Week 3Week 4
Week 5Week 6
Week 7Week 8
Week 9


Contact Info

Team #Player 1ContactPlayer 2Contact
1Tony Orlanditonyorlandi@ymail.comBob Griffithrgriffith8383@yahoo.com
2Dan Thompsondanthompson146@gmail.comChad Snoebergerchadesnoeberger@mail.com
3Stan Mickolicksmickolick@gmail.comDave Ferchalkdandrferchalk@yahoo.com
4Dave Williamsduckpin413@comcast.netDan WentzDwentz@atlanticbb.net
5Lee Sharbaughlsharbaugh23@gmail.comChris O’ Reilly
6Doug Shraderdougwshrader@gmail.comLen Ferenchikferenchik01@gmail.com
7David Murrayrush2dog@hotmail.comMike Weakland
8Jeff Evansramonarizzo@hotmail.comRich Steelesteel.richardd@gmail.com
9Lynn Bourdesslcbourdess@aol.comTerry Zezirich
10Tyler Revaktrev12@hotmail.comRon Leplyameramus@verizon.net

Weekly Tee Sheet

Week 2
Tuesday 1/15 8:00pm Griffith/Orlandi vs Zezirich/Bourdess
Wednesday 1/16 3:00pm Thompson/Snoeberger vs Steel/Evans
Thursday 1/17 6pm Shrader/Ferenchik vs Williams/Wentz
Saturday 1/19 10:00am Murray/Weakland vs Mickolick/Ferchalk

Week 3

Future Info

If you combine the new wide and full-wide alignments with galleries, you can create a very media rich layout, very quickly:

Oakbrook Friday Skins Game

Thanks to all who came out for our 1st Friday Skins Game of the year.



Player Skins Purse Points Details
Kent Malzi

2 $32.50 8.00 Birdie on 2, Eagle on 4
Steve Brown

Oakbrook Golf Course
1 $20.30 5.00 Eagle on 7
Player Skins Purse Points Details
Spurg Brechack

2 $8.10 2.00   Closest to the Pin #3 and #7
Cole Villa 1 $4.05 1.00      Closest to Pin #8

Next Friday Night Skins Game will be on June 2nd.

Contact Tim or Austin in the Pro Shop if you have questions or are interested in playing next time.

Oakbrook Seniors Adding Day

Our Tuesday Oakbrook seniors are getting bigger and adding a second day.  Seniors will now play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 9 am.  Please be at course and signed up before 8:45 so we can make teams and get started at 9.  This is a drop in league meaning you don’t need to play every week or both days.  Come out and enjoy a fun day at the golf course.

Breast Cancer awareness outing

We are holding a breast cancer awareness outing with proceeds being donated to Susan G Komen for a Cure and John P. Murtha Center. We will include a nice sit down dinner after golf as well as many gifts and prizes including Pink Under Armour shirts for ladies. We are having 3 divisions Men’s, women’s, and Mixed division. Format is 4 person scramble. Come join us for an enjoyable and fun day for a great cause!

Bridgestone Ball Fitting Thursday

We have rescheduled our Bridgestone Ball Fitting for This upcoming Thursday from 2pm-6pm.  We will be booking times in 10 minute increments so please call pro shop or email us at golfoakbrook@gmail.com to set up a time for this fitting. For more information on the Bridgestone Ball Fittings check out webpage by clicking on the Logo


New webpage is a work in progress

We have our new webpage up and running.  we will be adding more content and improving its accuracy over next few weeks but until then we would like you to bookmark or favorite our website and join our email list.  We will give out information on specials and upcoming events and outings to keep you informed.  Also you can book tee times online anytime of the day with no booking fees. Thank you for your patronage to Oakbrook we will have a lot of exciting changes coming in the near future.